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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Domain Renewal Fraud

One of the businesses I do work for was fooled into sending money to Domain Registry of America. That's really not surprising considering the way they work. See this story from The Register earlier this year.

They send out official looking notices that unsuspecting busy people will often pay. Fortunately our current register, GoDaddy, does not allow the transfer to take place unless the contact of record confirms it. DROA charges $40.00 for what GD wants $18.00. Not a lot of money but why should you give these kind of crooks anything.
What turned out suprising simple was a request for a refund. In the story above it mentions how they were charging administrative fees for canceled orders. Apparently that has stopped, but of course they say it will be 30 days before it is issued. That means they have the money for at least 60 days, making money on the float.


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