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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

at&t Maketing - Idiots

I just got another (let's see, about the third) call from the new at&t checking to see if I got my new at&t yellow pages.

The recording says it's the one with the picture of te john ranch on it. That's right with a jay sound. You know, right here in the southern San Joe ah kwin valley.

What a bunch of fools. I got mine, and sent it straight to recycling. The yellow pages are about the worst deal in advertising. Expensive and they don't work for most businesses. Don't waste your money.

Oh, and at&t, lesson one, don't piss off the customers.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

FireFox Extensions

One of the really great thing about FireFox is the extensions. Helpers that you add to the browser.
My favorites that I use on a regular basis.

Image zoom - Does a couple of things. First if an image is bigger than your screen it automatically sizes it to fit. When you bring the mouse pointer over it it changes to a magnifying glass with a plus sign, One click and the image goes to full size and the pointer has a minus sign. Click again and it back to image fit. Do a right click and the context menu contains an image zoom entry and under it are zoom in and out, several preset percentages and some other options. The best feature and the one I really like is place the pointer over the image, hold down the right mouse button then tuen the mouse wheel to enlarge or shrink the image. So easy and so cool too.

Colorful tabs - just what it says - tabs are displayed in a rainbow of colors that makes them easy to see. Another good one for old men with weak eyes.

FireFTP - a graphical FTP client you can use right inside FireFox. Maybe only something geeks need but of course I like it.

GreaseMonkey - user scripts. Modify the way web pages work. I use it right here on blogger to set up my Technorati tags. Places a handy little box below the edit screen and you just enter your tags seperated by comma and it inserts the tag html code for you. I used to paste in a set I had in a text file then alter them. So much easier.

For extra security
Noscript and Adblock - both do just what they say.