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Thursday, January 06, 2005

More Spyware & Viruses

Well in the last week I've cleaned up two of the most infested computers I've ever seen. Both had been so badly compromised they would not start in a usable state. Both had virus as well as spyware on them. When this happens try to follow these steps.

Use another computer to get Spybot Search & Destroy, Lavasoft AdAware and Grisoft Anti-Virus. Burn to a CD.

Disconnect any network cables.

Start the infected computer in safe mode. This is done by hitting the F8 key during the startup. Just start by hitting the key about once or twice a second until the startup menu appears. Choose safe mode.

Install and run the above three programs. Don't worry about getting updates the first time through. Most times that will get you on your way. Get updates after a normal restart (plug the network cable back in just long enough to get the updates then remove again or dialup the internet to get them then hangup) and run all three again.

Get and install ZoneAlarm and maybe WinPatrol too. Get all Windows updates and install.

Most times that will work, however the second one I did was so badly damaged by virus infections I has to do a restore of Windows XP itself.

If you have a cable or dsl connection get a router. NOW! Some are as cheap as $20. I highly recommend the D-Link 614. Very easy to use. Use a software firewall as well. It won't stop the incoming trojans but it can stop them from calling back out. ZoneAlarm is my first choice.
Use alternate browsers and mail programs. Mozilla & FireFox/Thunderbird.
Finally - THINK - don't be tricked into downloading freebies that seem too good to be true. If something seems interesting just do a Google check first. You can almost always find out very fast which offers are trouble before you even go there.

OTH - here is a link to some great freeware including some of the one's I've mentioned here today.

A whole lot of useful and safe stuff.