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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Working Without a Script

Because of the SQL attack occurring on webpages I decided to retry using Firefox with the NoScript addon installed.

Now I really don't feel too vulnerable to begin with. I use Firefox almost exclusively and I have Zone Alarm Antivirus running as well. I do a lot of surfing and I never get hit, but I don't click on unknowns either. I had used the NoScript addon before but had stopped. I decided a revisit was in order.

First and foremost you will find it annoying at best. Things like youtube videos won't even show the preview shot. Blogger won't work right with it but you can set temporary or even permanent permissions. After a while you will have given NoScript permanent permission for many of the sites you visit regularly and it won't seem so bad.

On the plus side it also stops a lot of advertisements and much to my joy those damn moving ones that way too many of my favorite reads have started using. The LA Times crossword get permission of course.

Now most users won't be able tolerate it. BUT IT IS SAFER! If you've been infected with a virus or adware trojan you might well be aware of how difficult it can be to clean up. I know I do plenty of disinfections for others (thank you). I suggest you might just want to try NoScipt and see for yourself.