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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

More businesses switching to Linux

This article today on ZDnet talks about a survey showing more businesses trying Linux


This is of course no surprise to many of us in the sys admin trade. Not all sys admins feel this way but more are coming around to the conclusion that MS is always more interested in their bottom line than producing a better product.

If your concerns are more security, more reliability and less cost then Linux is really hard to beat. Just download a version of Linux, load it on a cheap box and play.

Ads are now going

Well Google has officially accepted me into the Ad-sense program.

So at the top of this page right under the heading there will appear ads that Google determines might be relevant to readers. (are there any?)

So far it appears to be just puplic service ads. Please keep in mind these ads do not necessarily reflect this author's views.

More when I have time.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Microsoft Word needs to die

Well that's what PC Mag writer John Dvorak thinks


So why not try something else? I've been using the open-source software version of Sun Office called Open Office for sometime now. I like it. Is that because it is better than MS Office? Not really. It's pretty big too and overloaded with features. It has good but not perfect compatibility with MSO. But it is two things I like

It's 'Good Enough'

It's FREE!

Now I know I've given you (all three of my readers) caution on 'free' offers but there are good guys too.
And I think anything that forces MS to compete instead of just sitting back thinking of new ways to rule the computer world is better for us all.


Try it. It can only cost you a little time to discover a great product.

Free Lunch?


Yesterday I mentioned that there are often pitfalls to 'FREE' offers, from the dangers of spyware.
This eWeek blog by David Coursey goes into more details about such things but more from a privacy standpoint.

He even questions blogs!

His points are valid. What do these people want from you?

Do you have to endure ads? Hell, I can do that - I'm from the 1950 TV generation.

Will what's free today cost tomorrow. onebox.com comes to my mind.

Will your personnal information be sold. That company can be owned by someone else tommorow. Ever notice how almost all those 'Agreements' allow these companies to change the terms at anytime.

Think hard about what you sign up for and what information you give out.

To advertise or not

Google is offering to share revenue from Google ads with Bloggers.


Well its a tough call, but since this blog is meant to reflect things concerning my work and therefore is computerish I think I'll go for it. I've never felt Google ads to be too intrusive anyway. I've even been known to click through ads.

For people who know me this is probably quite surprising. I'm well known for being a major cynic and a very hard sell. It's not that ads (and salespeople) lie, but they're often really good at avoiding unpleasent fact. So if you see something here in an add that interests you, go ahead and click it. Caveat emptor.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Who's watching you?

Speaking of security, here's new new virus that can take control of your web-cam / microphone.
Is your computer in your bedroom?


WOW! That could be either a real turn-on or the sickest show we've ever seen!

Best to unplug that thing. Unless you're just an exhibitionest at heart.

A word about spy & ad ware

The amount of computers getting infected by spy and ad ware seems to be growing. I now find I spend about half my time cleaning the worst messes off computers. While a large number of people are infected with these, a small percentage get hit so bad they can no longer use their computers. Usually that's when I come in.

A few words of warning. Don't download anything without thinking twice about it.

Why are people offering you (insert stupid offer here) for free?

They aren't!

Cures. (yes they are free too, but they aren't stupid)

1. Download 'Ad-aware' from lavasoftusa.com
install, update and run

2. Download 'Spybot Search & Destroy' (google it, I'm feeling lazy).
install, update and run

And some precautions.

3. Use a different browser and e-mail client. Mozilla is my favorite - mozilla.org

4. Sill want IE and Outlook Express. Go to Google and then tools and get the free google toolbar. Stop those damndable popups.

5. Use antivirus software. As an alternative go to trendmicro.com and run their free on-line scan.

6. Use a firewall. Zonealarm is as good or better than any (comes with anti-virus now for less than $20). - zonelabs.com - MS will do if you have XP (but ZA is better).

7. If you're on broadband (cable or dsl) get a router - DLink 604 can be had for less then $40.

Be careful out there.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

New Blog

Well, here's the start.