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Saturday, December 03, 2005


Well I keep going on and on about FireFox. It's a great browser.
I'm remiss however by not also telling you that I've revisted Opera. I tried it a few years ago when it was a free trial then needed to be purchased to continue using it.

It didn't really seem all that much better than any other browser back then. Now it is available for free and it really is very good. They call themselves 'The World's Fastest Browser', and yes it does respond well, if that is important. I not really concerned about milliseconds (or greater) in response times for browsers. All browsers seem fast enough me, or maybe it's just my age.

Tabbed browsing is excellent, just like Firefox a press on the middle button (wheel) on a link opens the link in a tab in the background (that has to be set in preferences in FF but is the default for Opera). I really like that feature in that you can be reading an article, press a link and continue reading the article you're on while in the meantime all the links you may want to view will be loaded and waiting to view when you're ready.

Built in search, smart toolbars, popup blocking, page fit to view and great image manipulation all are there to begin with. Opera is truley a firstclass browser and deserves to be tried.