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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Asta la Vista - Vista

Vista delayed until Jan 07. Ho hummm......

It's become nothing more than a release for XP anyway. So many so called features have been dropped. It has all become a joke. More powerful. More features. To do what? Sell more hardware? Keep up the revenue stream?

System administrators tend to fall into two camps. The MS rah rah crowd and the alternative system advocates. I guess it's no great secret where I stand. There is a big difference though. A superiority that tends to make those of us outside the MS camp a little smug. We all use Windows too. We see the difference. Much of the MS crowd never looks at what else is out there. Great products, better security and much lower costs.

Why not try some of the alternatives. It's easy enough to create dual boot machines. Try Xandros. Don't want to got that far. Use FireFox instead of IE. How about Open Office instead of MS Office. I use it all the time on Windows and the cost - $0.
Feel a little safer with a big name instead of open source? Apple.