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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Back from Vacation / Google Talk

Well about a month off, with 10 days in Mexico just hangin' by the sea.
I've got loads to catch up on with work.
Plenty going on in the computer world.

Google enters the talk and instant message market.
Google made a late entry into the instant messaging market on Tuesday with the launch of Google Talk, an IM service that allows users to place free phone calls over a net connection to other people signed into the service. Google Talk, released as a beta, requires a Gmail username and password. It works with Jabber-compatible Instant Messaging client (such as Apple's iChat, Trillian or GAIM). Although that represents a stand towards interoperability in practical terms it doesn't mean that much since none of the big three IM clients (MSN, Yahoo! and AOL) support the feature.